Borradaile Trust is a Home for the aged, the creation based upon a vision of the late Dorothy Bell in 1951, wife of the late Reverend Lionel Borradaile Bell. The history of those early days makes interesting reading on its own ..

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The Trust is non-sectarian, non racial, and non-denominational, founded on Anglican tradition, and run on Christian principles. The Trust is registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare as a Welfare Institution, registration no W/O 236/68, and thus attracts a tax deduction for donations made to it.

We are now also registered in the U.K. under the auspices of “The Thomas Benyon Settlement Trust” - Charity No. 271133.

We employ a total of 80 people in many various administration, nursing, maintenance, security, housekeeping and catering roles. The Trust has a Management Committee of volunteers from the community who give much valuable time and effort to ensure the Trust is run properly and smoothly. With help from kind donors, we have managed to renew some of the water reticulation, and part of the electrical distribution but there still remains a tremendous amount of other plumbing and electrical renovation to be carried out.

We have been blessed, and indeed are still being blessed by well-wishers, who very kindly donate on a regular basis without which we would have had to close long ago. We have had to draw heavily on reserves, which are now getting to a dangerously low level. Our local farming community who so generously supported us in the past is now virtually non-existent, so we find we have to rely on outside support to a much greater degree than before.

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